Our quirky model making is well loved. Models are a unique way to visualise and communicate ideas. They can be used for posters, films, promotional campaigns and are a mechanism to relate to your audience on a more personal level. We've fabricated things like miniature Plastercine mice, Paper Cutout Forests, miniature desks and Barbie sized take-out cartons.  Anything goes.


These models were used in the Never Liked It Anyway Promo Film and made to a Barbie & Ken Scale. The list of things was extensive; bricks, an axe, six-pack of beers, tissue box, a sack, take away boxes, fast food cartons, bed, an iPhone..... The end result transformed negative break up experiences into positive humour.

The Greene King Learning & Development team needed a male and female character to represent employee mascots. First made as illustrations, the client asked for something more phyiscal, 3D and tangible. Think 'Wallace & Grommit' for inspiration. These plastercine people are only 10cm tall. 


See Speak Hear were briefed to make these miniature models for use in a promo film for Essex Students Union. Entire rooms were built mainly from paper. Elements such as the 30mm Angle poise featured handmade metal springs. All constructed with intense concentration and very steady hands!

This cardboard house structure was used in a film, setting the scene for a very personal story about a little girl’s father leaving home. We built it to have real smoke rising up from the chimney, blurring the line between imagination and reality to the film. We definitely didn’t set off any smoke alarms during this…