NHS Leadership Campaign
The campaign team were finalists at the Nursing Times Workforce Awards 2018. This film was made to improve leadership in the Safeguarding team at NHS Nottinghamshire. Highlighting the need to remember what’s important as a social worker when visiting families. Encouraging professionals to look further into what’s happening in front of them and question things even when it’s tough.

Never Liked It Anyway, USA
An online promo for a website designed to help you get rid of your unwanted ex’s gifts by auctioning them online. What a great idea. We assisted in the making of this film and loved making all the miniature models come to life as we captured each scene. A humorous film for a fabulous business that offers the opportunity to make one person’s trash another person’s treasure.

Convergence Group
The client wanted to to make doing business easy, that's why we made this explainer video. With a super complex product and a winding journey through the system we needed to make something quick, direct and ultimately clear for viewers. Enter: ‘Collin’, a little birdie who explains customer service to the audience. Bringing him to life in this animation was quite a journey!


eatbigfish. Challanger Brand Consultancy, London
This brief was to create a succinct GIF to be used on the eatbigfish website to advertise it’s new app launch. This film demonstrates how a dynamic message can be communicated via a simple silhouette animation.

This is a promo animation created for an app that helps to create original words for writers and new brands. This lovely magical story illustrates just one of the endless scenarios in which Wordbuzz is really useful. It was great to be involved in such a playful and imaginative project!

Abra-Ca-Debora Pancakes
A selection of GIF's created for Abra-Ca-Debora at Big Fish Design Agency for use on the product website. The illustrations were provided to me by an illustrator. I was then briefed to bring them to life via animation that demonstrated the brand personality and some pancake recipe ideas.