At See Speak Hear, we design all sorts of things. We believe everything and anything can be designed, improved or simply revamped and updated. We do all the usual stuff like brand identity, design for print, packaging, illustration but we also like projects with unusual requirements too.


This booklet was made exclusively for the The Bell Inn and sponsored by Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin. It was designed with a striking black and white checkerboard theme, each bottle was individually illustrated in a linocut style. The booklet comprises a fascinating twenty pages of gins and gin tips.

This brief was to create a magazine style annual report for an NHS Safeguarding Department. Trying to make safeguarding more accessible for all and offer content in a more manageable format in comparison to other annual reports. It was identified that the information was important and must be clear for users; to offer something formal but with a more human touch.

See Speak Hear designed the concept and packaging for 'Bit'a Chutney'. The name refers to the hint of Bitter Ale used in the ingredients. The delicate packaging design was made for this deli-style chutney to be sold exclusively at The Bell Inn. An organic, hearty feel is implied by the rustic packaging and the pun in the name. 


For this brief the food and drink menus' needed to fit together inside menu holders. To accomplish this we created one illustration that spreads across both menu covers. This drawing focused on the intriguing historic building façade. For the promotional material, a set of illustrations using a muted palette were created with one distinctive theme.

Our client tracked down the producer of his favourite ever ketchup and decided to stock it in his pub. This explains the name, 'Tom's Favourite Ketchup'. See Speak Hear designed this concept and packaging to be something fun and personal. This Ketchup sits happily beside our ‘Bit’a Chutney’ design also sold by Tom.

This series of t-shirts is designed for Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, famously known as England's Oldest Inn.  The t-shirts are sold as souvenirs to the floods of visitors from all corners of the world.  Designs are produced regularly to keep stock exciting and generate repeat custom. Some humourous, some classic. They are hand screen printed, and ready to travel the globe.


The limited edition 'William Clarke Celebratory Ale' was created specifically for the 2013 Ashes held at the world renowned Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. The packaging reflects elements of premium ale, traditional style, and cricket.  The wreath circulating the label represents the Willow trees used to create English cricket bats.  Illustration courtesy of Trent Bridge. 

This design for the US Meridian Golf Tournament is based on a compass format that represents the significance of location. The tournament is between East coast vs. West coast. The colours signify the different teams and area specific colours. Variations of this design are updated annually and used on stationary, souvenirs, apparel, bags and trophy.

The Lendall Cellars briefed See Speak Hear to design new menus for their traditional, premium pub hidden away underground in the heart of York. This quaint illustration depicts the old metal arch above the walkway to the entrance that leads down into the cosy cellars beneath. This delicate line drawing is used beside a brick pattern and features on the menus.