Animation is one of our favourite platforms to get your message across. We love it! At See Speak Hear we create animations for all sorts of uses, with all sorts of styles from computer motion graphics to stop-frame animation. Animation gives businesses the opportunity to use humour, parallel universes or simply demonstrate how something works in a neat visual way. It's become a major communication tool for both large and small companies.


Animation Showreel
A selection of clips from animations and model making films made by See Speak Hear. Many of these clips give you an insight into the internal films we have produced. All these extracts demonstrate our ability to bring ideas to life. We deliver the concept in an exciting, original and direct way.


Convergence Group
The client wanted to to make doing business easy, that's why we made this explainer video. With a complex product we needed to make something quick, direct and ultimately clear for viewers. Creating ‘Collin’ and then bringing him to life was quite a journey!


Never Liked It Anyway, USA
An online promo for a website designed to help you get rid of your unwanted ex’s gifts by auctioning them online. What a great idea eh?  See Speak Hear loved making all these miniature models and seeing such a fun end result. We assisted Toby Brown in making this film. |

This is a promo animation created for a new app that helps to create original words. This lovely magical story illustrates just one of the endless scenarios in which Wordbuzz is really useful. It was great to be involved in such a playful and imaginitive project! 


eatbigfish. Challanger Brand Consultancy, London
This brief was to create a succinct GIF to be used on the eatbigfish website to advertise it’s new app launch.
This film demonstrates how a dynamic message can be communicated via a simple silhouette animation.

Achibe Cards
See Speak Hear animated this teaser film involving a logo appearing on top of live action footage. This film was created to initiate the use of imagination with the cards and give consumers a clue to how the cards should be used. The product uses vision cards to help people achieve their ambitions and the cards also feature in a set of other films made for Achibe that can be seen here.

If you'd like to see some more animation work please get in touch with us. Some work we do is internal or confidential so we can't make it available. Sorry!